Improve your psychological health & well-being with Cardio Training

There is no doubt the effects of Covid-19 has made a major impact on our mental and physical well-being. Making exercise all the more vital to your daily routine. Here are 7 ways cardio training can improve your psychological health & well-being

Cardio will improve your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory ( Heart and Lung) fitness.
The benefits of Cardio Training are:-

  1. Strengthens your heart and muscles
  2. Burns Calories
  3. Helps control your appetite
  4. Boosts your mood with the release of endorphins, which are feel good chemicals released by your brain\
  5. Helps you sleep better at night
  6. Reduces arthritis pain and stiffness through joint movement
  7. Helps prevent or manage high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes

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Author: Fitness On The Way


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